Premera Chiropractor Seattle WA

Premera Chiropractor Seattle WA

Chiropractic Seattle WA Payment Options

Foundation Chiropractic is a Rainier Chiropractor office on Rainier Ave. S who accepts Premera Insurance. Our office has been serving this area for many years now and providing great service to the surrounding area like Beacon Hill.

Dr. Josh Bailey is the founder of Foundation Chiropractic and has been practicing over 11 years in two different countries.

Our office focuses on a specific type of chiropractic, Structural Correction. Basically, what we do is like fixing the foundation of a house. Whereas, traditional chiropractors would usually do a manipulation for temporary reduction in pain, what we focus on is thoroughly evaluating your structure then creating a plan to correct the actual structure of the spine.

We do this through Structural Chiropractic Adjustments which is followed by Structural Rehab done in the office. Usually, appointments are not quick. The appointments can last on average 30 minutes. But, the change we can get is significant in that amount of time. Usually, one-half to one degree per session.

Meaning…if you come into the office we can make significant changes and then support them with specific exercises to strengthen what we’ve done. After our initial phase of care, you’re eligible for the lowest rate we can give you with our protection plan.

We look forward to treating Premera insurance patients, because they’re insurance knows how to take care of them and are so easy to work with as a provider. Premera has chiropractic benefits on many of their plans.


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Foundation Chiropractic

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