Improve Your Golf Game with Help from Your Chiropractor

Improve Your Golf Game with Help from Your Chiropractor

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Golf is a popular sport across America, but not always the most rewarding. Golf can be frustrating and extremely hard on your body. To play golf well, golfers need to be in excellent physical shape and endure the mental challenges associated with the tough game. Here are some great reasons why our Seattle Chiropractor office can help you with your game.

In the Rough

Golf is extremely hard on the spine. There is a great deal of compressive force that comes along with each swing. An excess amount of 10 times a person’s body weight may be exerted on the spine and every muscle and joint must be taken through its maximum range if a swing is performed with proper technique. If done improperly, golfers are at a high risk for strains along the spine, disc injuries and misalignment problems.

When done properly, the back is still put under extreme duress. Four out of five golfers experience some sort of back or neck pain as a result of repetitive swing. Tiger Woods has had three back procedures in the past two years, two in the last four months.

On the Green

Like any other form of exercise, when done repetitively, we put ourselves at risk for over-use injuries. This is why it is important to make sure all muscles are conditioned and selected muscles are not overworked.

Weekly visits to your chiropractor can help ensure that the back is properly aligned, the muscles are relaxed and strong, and your back is properly aligned. This not only helps prevents future injury but it may improve your game as your spine, muscles and joints will be able to work to their full extent.

Second, many golfers experience elbow pain and soreness due to a lack of elbow flexibility. Amateur golfers commonly suffer injury because they bend their elbows during their backswing and then hyperextend their elbows during their downswing.

In addition, many golfers suffer wrist injuries. Wrist injuries are often caused when golfers must hit a ball out of thick rough or where the green is not flat. Working with a chiropractor can help you gain flexibility and strength in your elbows and wrists and improve joint mobility.

Third, those who golf regularly may suffer from hip injuries or hip pain. Not only does walking for many hours and carrying heavy weight add pressure to your hips, especially if your spine is misaligned, but a single golf swing demands considerable hip mobility. It is important to note that if your spine is misaligned during your swing, your hips and knees will also feel the result. Hip flexibility is hard to attain, especially for those who begin golfing as adults. With the help of a chiropractor, golfers find improved hip mobility, strength and flexibility resulting in a better swing and lowered risk of injury to both the hip joints and knees.

Professional golfers around the world have relied on the help of chiropractors throughout their entire careers. Why? Because chiropractic care works. It is a safe, non-invasive way to improve your overall health and bodily condition. If you’re frustrated with your golf game or just want to improve your swing, visiting a no-hassle, walk-in center such as Seattle Chiropractic Center may be better than a trip to the driving range.

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